Zabriskie Point

Death Valley National Park, Stop No. 3

November 28, 2020

Location: California State Route 90

Parking: Small parking lot, but you are able to park on the street

Hike: Walk out to view points on pavement or hike down into badlands

Pets: Not allowed off pavement

Fee: DVNP entrance fee $35/vehicle good for 7 days or America the Beautiful Pass

Restrooms at Trailhead: Yes

From our research and trip planning, we knew Zabriskie Point was the place to be at sunrise! The Badwater Basin badlands are on the western side of the basin and off the west entrance to the park. Because the sun rises from the west, we knew we’d be able to watch the badlands come alive as the sunlight paints the rock and sand a soft gold. We got to the parking lot a minute or two before the official sunrise. Luckily we had some mountains behind us to buy us time. The parking lot was already full and the side of the road was also filling up fast. We parked on the side and quickly walked up to the top. Oh did we mention it was COLD! Our car thermometer measured temps ranging from 25o F – lower mid 30s as we got closer to the park. And we stopped to take a picture with the entrance sign.

Death Valley National Park West Entrance Sign
The Sun is just hitting the mountains of the Panamint Range
The Sun is starting to hit Zabriskie Point

Lauren hiked down into the badlands via Badlands Loop. On the north end of the parking lot there is a trailhead. You should see signage and most likely others entering or leaving. As you hike along there are connecting trails that lead to Golden Canyon, Gower Gulch, and Red Cathedral. Lauren only went out and back as the sun continued to warm up the badlands. Some say it looks like ice cream while others say they see bacon-like layers… what do you see?

Lauren is inside the red circle
Lauren in the red circle, others hikers in the pink

After we went to Zabriskie’s Point we went to Devil’s Golf Course.

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