What To Do In Lake Havasu City

Lauren in the water at Lake Havasu State Park

Last summer we did a weekend trip to Lake Havasu City. We left directly after work on a Friday and arrived to our Lake Havasu State Park cabin just before the sun was about to set. Lake Havasu is a great place to escape in the summer! It’s about 3 hours west of Phoenix and sit’s along Arizona’s west coast, the Colorado River. In this blog we will get into the details of everything we did.

Stay in a Cabin at Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park cabin

Lake Havasu City gets really hot in the summer! The hottest recorded temperature in Arizona’s history was in Lake Havasu City. That’s why staying in a State Park cabin was a must! Yes, they have A/C 🙂

All the cabins are right along water and our cabin had an incredible view of the lake! The cabins are great for families or bigger groups as they can sleep up to six. There is a queen sized bed and four bunkbeds. The cabins have electricity. From our cabin we were able to get right into the water and swim.

The cabins also come with a picnic table and a fire pit. For more information on reserving your cabin click here.

Cost: $119 per night. $5 reservation fee

*Pets are not allowed in the cabins.*

Lake Havasu State Park cabin
Lake Havasu State Park cabin
A view of Lake Havasu State Park cabin

Visit The London Bridge

Did you know Lake Havasu City has the London Bridge FROM London, England?! We ate breakfast right by the London Bridge and made sure we checked it out after we ate!

When dismantled in London, England, each stone of the London Bridge was numbered for reassembly in Lake Havasu City. The bridge was shipped overseas to the Port of Long Beach, California and then transported overland to Lake Havasu City, where reassembly began in 1968. If you look carefully, you can see the numbering on many of the stones ~ Lake Havasu City

The story behind the bridge and how it got LHC is quite fascinating and we encourage you to read more about it!

Owen with the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City
London Bridge in Lake Havasu City
Lauren and Owen with the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City

Kayak at Cattail Cove State Park

Lauren kayaking at Catttail Cove State Park

About 15 minutes from Lake Havasu State Park is Cattail Cove State Park! We rented kayaks from the State Park. Cattail Cove doesn’t have as much boat activity so it is a lot calmer to launch kayaks from compared to Lake Havasu State Park. However, you can launch boats from Cattail Cove State Park as well!

There is a little beach area where you can swim. We kayaked to a boat up camp site and took a swim! There are 61 camping and RV sites. There is also primitive boat-in camping sites with picnic tables, stand-up BBQ grills and access to pit toilets. There are waste bins, but please plan to pack out your trash. No fire pits or campfires year round. Propane stoves are acceptable. All boat-in camping sites are first come, first served.

For pricing & camping information visit Cattail Cove State Park’s website.

Lauren at Catttail Cove State Park
Lauren and Owen in the water at Catttail Cove State Park
Catttail Cove State Park

Rent a Jetski

We rented jetskis through Rentals on the Beach. Since the rental company is on a private campground there is a fee to enter on top of the jetski (WaveRunner) rental. We did a 2 hour rental and had a lot of fun!

We had a great time cooling off on the water! We took the WaveRunner across Lake Havasu down the Colorado River into a canyon. The red canyon walls were beautiful. We parked the WaveRunner and took a swim!

Jet ski on the Colorado River
Lauren in the Colorado River
The Colorado River
Lauren and Owen on Jet skis

Check In With The Arizona Parks Passport

We made sure we checked into both State Parks with The Arizona Parks Passport. It’s a fun way to keep track of all of the parks you’ve been to and there is a chance to win prizes thorough the Arizona Office of Tourism with every check in! To download the app visit the Arizona Office of Tourism’s website.

Check in at Catttail Cove Havasu State Park
Check in at Lake Havasu State Park

Where To Eat

  • We ate at Cha-Bones for dinner. It was during Happy Hour so we got to try a variety of tapas. They were so good! We definitely recommend eating here during their Happy Hour.
  • We had breakfast at Makai Cafe. It’s right by the London Bridge!
  • We had dinner at Shugrues Restaurant and Brewery.
  • We ate lunch at College Street Brewery. You have to try their blueberry wheat beer! They put fresh blueberries in it. It’s so good!
A beer from College Street Brewery
College Street Brewery Blueberry beer
Lauren eating at Makai Cafe
Makai Cafe breakfast was SO good
Cha-Bones Tapas
Don’t forget to try the Tapas at Cha-Bones

To learn more about the gear we bring on our hikes and in some of the photos above, CLICK HERE

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