Sedona Itinerary

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What you need to know before visiting Sedona

Sedona is a destination for millions of visitors every year. Folks from around the world, United States, and Arizona come to visit. It’s easy to soak in the beauty of the magnificent red rocks, find outdoor recreation opportunities, have a good meal, and generally be in great weather! With its immense beauty and popularity comes crowds and congestion, so we advise to visit with a plan… and a back up plan. Below we break down hikes by difficulty, highlight places we’ve ate, and places we’ve stayed so you can build your own itinerary.

The surrounding area and Sedona is easily broken up into four main sections. West Sedona is on the 89A on the west side of town, and this is where all the grocery stores are and many dining options. Uptown is after the 179 intersects with the 89A and continues north towards Flagstaff. There are plenty places to stay, eat, and shop here; it’s usually the most congested part of town. South of Sedona along the 179 is the Village of Oak Creek with places to stay, eat, shop, and hike. North of Sedona is Oak Creek Canyon with a few places to stay and eat, and many places to hike, camp, and fish.

Sedona is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest, and is full of public land for recreation. However, there are still rules and regulations everyone needs to follow. Coconino National Forest calls this part of the forest, Red Rock Country & Ranger District and you can find their map here, broken into six sections. Most trailhead parking requires Red Rocks Pass or appropriate Interagency Annual Pass. Some trailheads are only accessible by the Sedona Shuttle; it’s free and easy to use!

It’s absolutely imperative that we, the visitors and admirers of Sedona help keep it clean, protected, and still a home where wildlife and plants can thrive. It’s critical that we follow the Leave No Trace principles, stay on trail, pack out all trash and food scraps, leave artifacts alone, and respect wildlife and others. To learn more and take the Sedona Cares Pledge, click here.

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