Watson Lake

Kayak at Watson Lake

June 28th, 2020

Dog Friendly: Yes.

Fee: $3 to enter Watson Park

Restrooms at trailhead: Yes there is multiple bathrooms throughout the park

Video: click here


We rented kayaks from Prescott Outdoors for $20 per hour. It took us a little bit to actually find where Prescott Outdoors is located. We went too far and there is another kayaking place called born to be wild that is towards the end of the park, but Prescott Outdoors is directly after you enter the park. You will pay the $3 to get into the park (this is good for the entire day) and then you will turn right. Once you drive for a little there is a ton of parking. Prescott Outdoors is clearly marked. We only went for about an hour. I always forget how big of a workout kayaking is. My arms were sore by the time we were done! The lake was absolutely beautiful. You can kayak in between the different rock formations. We saw a lot of people on the rock formations and even some people jumping off the rocks and into the water. We chose not to do that because the water is absolutely disgusting. It is also recommended to not go into the water. So we didn’t. Even though the water is gross it is still worth it to do. It is so pretty! We drove up from Phoenix so it was a nice break from the intense heat. It was in the high 80’s in Prescott. I wore my bathing suit top and shorts, but I wish I took my shorts off because I did up up getting my shorts a little wet. We strapped my Gopro to the front of our kayak so look out for out Youtube video!


There is a loop trail that goes around the entire lake. We started this loop where the born to be wild kayaking place is located. You walk down a road that is for drop offs, unloading, and loading cars. It goes directly to the lake. We walked it for a couple of miles and we picked up trash. It is always disappointing to see areas full of trash like that. I encourage you to bring a bag with you when you hike to pick up any trash you see. And as always pack it in and pack it out!

Happy hiking!

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