Verde Canyon RailRoad

Clarkdale, Arizona

October 17th, 2020

Dog Friendly: No.

Fee: It varies. The ales and rails ticket we got was $134.02 with tax.

Restrooms: Yes. At the depot and on the train.


Looking for something to do where you can get a good view, but don’t have to hike to get to the view? The Verde Canyon Railroad is for you! Verde Canyon Railroad is about two hours from Phoenix. The train ride left the station at 1:00pm, but we arrived to the depot at about 11:45am. With the ticket we purchased we got four beer tasting drink tickets before the train ride. First, you need to check in and get your tickets for the beer tasting and for the train ride. They will take your temperature before you enter the building due to the pandemic. You will also get a wristband so the people that work at the Verde Canyon Rail know you had your temperature checked. After we checked in we went to get our beer samples. Four tickets were for one full beer or you could sample four different beers. You could also buy additional tickets if you wanted to as well. We sampled some beer and then realized we needed to order the food we wanted for lunch. We went back inside the building and ordered food and then it was about time to board the train!


We had first class seating. There were two big comfy couches for the four of us. Due to the pandemic the train ride was 50% full. We had plenty of space and weren’t super close to other people. Everyone was required to wear a mask when walking down the aisles. When we got to our seats there was a fruit/cheese board waiting for the each of us. We also got a glass of champagne. It was such a nice surprise! We ordered some wine and then went to the outside cart to take in the good views. The train ride is a 20 miles and 3.5 hours long. It was mid October so the leaves were starting to turn yellow. It was beautiful! You ride along Verde River and come across red rocks that give off Sedona vibes. You stop on a bridge that overlooks the river. It was a nice chance to take steady photos! You pass through a 680-foot tunnel and once you go through the tunnel it gets so dark! The train ride comes to a stop and you turn around back the way you came. I would recommend to check the weather. When we went it was mid October, but it was still very warm outside. Overall, this train ride was worth it. We had so much fun and you get so much stuff with the ticket. This is a great trip to see the beautiful Verde Canyon. One of the few ways you are able to see this area. I would love to take my parents and grandparents on this train ride once the pandemic is over. It would be great for them!

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