TruFlask’s TruTemp Cooler Review

Cooler Benefits:

  • 45L
  • Dimensions (IN) : 27.4 x 16.9 x 17
  • CUTTING BOARD (included)
  • COOLER BASKET (included)
  • MOTION Activated LED Light (included)
  • Cold holding temperature: -11.2°F to 46.4°F
  • Cold storage time: 5-7 days
  • Price: $219

We have been using the TruFlask 45L cooler for about 2.5 months now. We have taken the roto molded cooler with us on our hiking adventures and have left it in the car. Each time we have left the cooler in our car, there was still ice in it. After driving from Phoenix to Chiricahua National Monument (3.5 hour drive) and hiking 9.1 miles, the cooler was still full of ice and very cold. From there, we drove to Tucson and stayed the night, while still leaving the cooler in our car. The next morning when it was time for us to leave the cooler still had ice in it. In the photo with the light on, this is what the ice looked like more than 24 hours later after leaving the cooler in a warm car. What we also love about this cooler is the motion sensor automatic LED light that turns on when you open it. This makes it a lot easier to see when you are in the dark, camping, etc. This cooler also comes with a dry basket that is great for items and food you don’t want to get wet from the ice, like our cheese for our sandwiches.

We have a 2020 Subaru Forester and with the backseats up, the trunk in the compact SUV isn’t massive, but the cooler fits fine with space for bags, boots, packs, etc. We also took a Jeep Wrangler on one of our weekend trips and it fit well in the backseat. Additionally, we have retractable cover in our trunk to cover what is inside and the cooler fits under that when it’s pulled out. As you can see the cooler still opens in our trunk. One of the very few cons we have is that on bumpy dirt roads, the handles of the cooler swing and hit the sides quite extensively, making a lot of noise. Overall, the issue is so minimal and we easily ignore it.

A little tip* Pre-cool you cooler! It sounds weird but is really simple and very helpful. The night before, we put ice packs from our home freezer in the cooler. Once we are ready for our trip, we will fill the cooler with a 10-pound bag of ice or two depending on what we need.

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