Bryce Canyon National Park

See Bryce Canyon in One Day Hike the Figure 8 Combination Loop September 5th, 2020 Distance: 6.4 miles out & back Dog Friendly: The park itself is, but not on the trails. Fee: $35 vehicle fee Restrooms at trailhead: Yes & at the bottom of Peek-A-boo Loop. We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park LaborContinue reading “Bryce Canyon National Park”

Wet Beaver Creak

“The Crack” At Wet Beaver Creak August 15th, 2020 Distance: 3.5+ miles to “The Crack” about 7.8 miles overall. Dog Friendly: Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it in the summer and would only recommend it if you know your dog can handle long hikes. Fee: No Restrooms at trailhead: Yes. Both at the overflow parking and at theContinue reading “Wet Beaver Creak”

Saguaro National Park West

What to do in Saguaro National Park if you are limited on time June 25th, 2020 Dog Friendly: Yes, but must be leashed. Fee: Yes. $25 per car. Due to COVID-19 the Red Hills Visitor Center is closed. You pay the $25 at a box at the visitors center. It is based on an honor system.Continue reading “Saguaro National Park West”

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Easy trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park July 10th, 2020 Dog Friendly: Yes. Fee: No Restrooms at trailhead: Yes there is multiple bathrooms throughout the park HISTORY BEHIND CUYAHOGA VALLEY NATIONAL PARK: I lived in the Cleveland area for 24 years and never went to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I moved to Phoenix and have beenContinue reading “Cuyahoga Valley National Park”

Joshua Tree National Park

One Day in Joshua Tree National Park June 20th, 2020 Dog Friendly: Yes, but can’t go on the trails. Fee: Yes. $35 per car. Good for one week. Restrooms at trailhead: Not all of them. THE PARK: We were trying to figure out what to do on a Saturday near the end of June in Arizona.Continue reading “Joshua Tree National Park”

Hike to Angels Landing

Scout Lookout on the West Rim Trail May 23, 2020 Length: 4.4 miles Route Type: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 1,000 ft Dog Friendly: No Fee: Zion National Park Entrance Fee $35 per vehicle (good for 7 days) Restrooms at trailhead: Yes THE HIKE: This hike starts at The Grotto. To get to Scout Lookout you start atContinue reading “Hike to Angels Landing”

The Narrows

Recommendations on hiking The Narrows May 23nd, 2020 Length: 9.4 miles Route Type: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 206 ft Dog Friendly: No Fee: Zion National Park Entrance Fee $35 (good for 7 days) Restrooms at trailhead: Yes THE HIKE: In my previous blog on The Watchman Trail I talk about how The Zion Canyon Scenic drive isContinue reading “The Narrows”

Easy Trails To Do In Zion

The Watchman Trail May 22nd, 2020 Length: 3.1 miles Route Type: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 646 ft Dog Friendly: No Fee: Zion National Park Entrance Fee $35 (good for 7 days) Restrooms at trailhead: No, but there are restrooms by the visitor center which is right by this trail. THE HIKE: We arrived to Zion National ParkContinue reading “Easy Trails To Do In Zion”

Three Sister’s Summit

May 2, 2020 Length: 6.9 miles to 8 miles Route Type: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 2,502 ft Dog Friendly: I would not recommend bringing dogs Fee: Technically yes Restrooms at trailhead: No HOW TO GET THERE: You start this hike from the same trailhead as Wave Cave, so the directions are the same. From the valley you needContinue reading “Three Sister’s Summit”

Browns Peak

April 25th, 2020 Length: 4.7 Miles Route Type: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 1,909 ft Dog Friendly: No Fee: No Restrooms at trailhead: No Video: click here HOW TO GET THERE: We left from North Scottsdale and took Shea Road East to the Beeline highway, also known has Arizona State Route 87. The Beeline highway is one of the mostContinue reading “Browns Peak”