Hiking Boots Review

Lauren’s hiking boots review on Columbia, Oboz, Solomon

Columbia Hiking Boots~The top of Browns Peak
Oboz Hiking Boots~McDowell Sonoran Preserve
Solomon Hiking Boots~Peak 5024

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Shoe ($80):

Waterproof: Yes

What I like: Price, comfortable without breaking in, good first pair of hiking boots, waterproof, and the look

What I don’t like: That I got the wrong size! Be sure to go a half to a full size bigger than your normal shoes

The first hiking boot I owned were the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Shoe that I purchased from Amazon. This was after I moved to Phoenix from Ohio.

When I first got into hiking I was using an old pair of Nike tennis shoes, but after a couple of falls down Tom’s Thumb I decided it was time to invest in a pair of hiking boots. This was before I was aware of all of the different hiking boot companies, so I landed on Columbia. I also thought the price was good compared to other boots and I enjoyed the look of them.

Overall, I liked these boots. They held up really well the 1.5 years I had them. The only issue I had with them, which was my fault is that I bought them a half size too small. After hiking with a lot of decline and longer hikes in general my toes would KILL by the time we were done. I finally started to complain about it because our hikes were getting longer and longer and Owen said they are probably too small!

Alas! They were too small. I went to REI and ended up with Oboz because they were said to be a VERY durable shoe because of the rubber.

I hiked to Three Sisters Summit in the Columbia boots check out that blog post here 🙂

Bridger Vent Mid Hiking Boots (REI Outlet $128)

Waterproof: No

What I like: The rubber on the outside is very durable

What I don’t like: The arch in the shoe, there is a break in time

After I decided I needed new boots I went to REI to get their opinion. The woman working recommended either Merrell’s or Oboz. I went with Oboz because of how durable they are. In Arizona it is essential to have durable hiking boots with all of the sharp rocks. However, after putting a decent amount of miles on them my feet would throb after every hike. I finally decided to go back to REI to get their opinion again. They measured my foot and told me that the arch of my foot with the arch of Oboz don’t mesh well together. Luckily, REI has a great policy that you can return items within the first year. So I exchanged my Oboz with Solomon’s. The guy working seemed very knowledgeable and he gave high praise to Solomon hiking boots.

X Ultra Mid 3 Aero X Ultra ($130.00)

Waterproof: No

What I like: Lightweight, breathable, great traction, durable, no break in time, my feet don’t hurt!

What I don’t like: The shoelaces/ankle seem to come lose pretty easily compared to other boots

I have had the Solomon since the middle of March 2021 and put a decent amount of miles on them so far, but will definitely keep you all updated on how they do long term. I heard that they don’t hold up as long as Oboz, but I would rather have a more comfortable shoe. As of now I have only one complaint that they become loser easier than the other boots I have worn.

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