Flagstaff Camper Van

Arizona Camper Van

Indian Bread Recreation Area

Dispersed Camping

No Designated Campsites

First come, first served

NO paved roads, NO designated spots, NO potable water, NO designated fire pits, NO bathrooms, NO shade

PLEASE pack out what you packed in and properly dispose of human/animal waste

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

30 minutes east of White Sands National Park

$14 per night to camp at the site we had. This includes the day pass

Designated Campsites

We had such a great time with the Flagstaff Camper Van from Arizona Camper Van. In a 2.5 day, 2 night trip to White Sands National Park. Since the Nation Park is 6.5 hours from Phoenix, the camper van allowed us to break the drive in half. We left directly after work on a Friday and decided to disperse camp at Indian Bread Recreation in Bowie, AZ just past the city of Wilcox, AZ. This spot is just north of Chiricahua National Monument and the Chiricahua Mountains, and sits on the east side of the Dos Cabezas Mountains and Wilderness area. The camping area is about 30 minutes off the I-10 and you have to take a dirt road to get to this Bureau of Land Management designated Recreation Area. The dirt road is manageable for all vehicle types. This worked out perfect for us since we had the bed inside of the van so we didn’t have to set up a tent in the dark!

We woke up early to get to White Sands National Park. It was roughly a 3.5 hour drive from Indian Bread Rocks. And this time of the year, New Mexico is one hour ahead of Arizona. We spent the day at the park and hiked the Alkali Trail! That Saturday night we camped at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park. This is 30 minutes east of White Sands National Park just outside of Alamogordo, NM.

To get into the tent, a telescoping ladder is included that can easily adjust for good stability. On the passenger side is a overlanding awning that fully wraps around the back and attaches on the passenger side.

There is a bed built into the inside of the van that sleeps two. There is also a hardshell rooftop tent with room for two and entrance from the rear side of the van. Both sleeping areas include a mattress, sheets, and two pillows. This van comfortably sleeps four people and dog. Next to the bed is a place to charge your phone and a switch to turn the lights on in the van. There is also plenty of overhead storage to put personal items inside of the van as well as floor space for bags, a dog bed, or whatever you desire.

Inside the back of the Flagstaff Camper Van is a large refrigerator and a storage bin that includes a Coleman propane stove, a pot, pan, plates, cutlery, cups, wash bin, and cooking utensils including a cutting board. There are two chairs and a large folding table. Also included is a hammock and a shower head that can attach to the backdoor of the van. Tucked under in the storage area is a pop-up privacy tent that has a hole at the top put the shower head through. The privacy tent also comes with a rainfly and stakes if you want to use it as an outhouse location with the portable toilet. With it set up as a shower we were able to get a shower in after a long day of hiking in the warm Chihuahua Desert of southern New Mexico! There is additional room in the back of the van to store your hiking/camping gear as well.

We definitely recommend to rent out this Camper Van! Use code AZHIKEAHOLICS for 5% off your next trip:)

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