Cane Beds Corral

Glamping on the Arizona/Utah border

Honeymoon Hideout Canvas tent features: 14×16 canvas tent. Sleeps two. Queen size bed. Private front porch. Portable heater. Seating area inside the tent. Insulated cooler. Private parking.

Bathroom: Access to shared bathroom with two toilets and two showers.

Benefits: Wifi, electricity with two switches on both sides of the tent. You can open the tent from both sides. Outlets directly next to the bed on both sides. 2 separate covered grilling areas. The showers look like they are built out of red rock that is popular in the area.

Added touches: Decorated very nicely. S’more items were left in a cute bag for us to use.

On the Arizona/Utah border lies the beautifully planned Cane Beds Corral. This is glamping done right. From the unique bed frame, to the charging outlets and USBs next to each side of the bed this place has everything you need to glamp comfortably. 

We arrived after dark on a Friday night, but were immediately in awe of the glamping set up. When you walk into the canvas tent, appropriately named the Honeymoon Hideout, and flip on the light switch (yes they have electricity!) you are immediately struck by the gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The tent sits on a solid concrete slab and is spacious with plenty of room to walk around, a queen size bed, a table for two, a love seat, and a miniature armoire with added items such as paper towels and earplugs. One of the nightstands even has a Wifi enabled Google Assistant Device, so the tent has Wifi!

On each side of the tent are zipper entrances and light switches to turn on and off the chandelier. Each canvas tent comes with its own patio with two lounge chairs and a cooler. The tent has a gas heater when it is cold and A/C when it is hot. Once you walk off the patio you take a path that connects you right to the jaw-dropping gas fire pit that is nestled into a rock structure; it looks to be perfectly carved out of red rock sandstone for gathering around the fire. Also included in the tent is a bag with items to make s’mores and there are roasting sticks by the firepit.

Continue down the path and it connects you to the Cane Beds Corral Bath House. Once again you have to pick your jaw off the ground when you walk into the showers. The showers are like nothing we have ever seen before! They too look like they have been carved out of regional sandstone that is easy to find in southern Utah. We think the real kicker is that there is hot water! For us, it is rare to hike/explore all day and be able to get back to where we are staying to take a hot shower. Next to the showers are two large sinks. There is one to wash your hands and face and another to wash dishes. In the same area is a covered patio with two grills and some utensils to cook. 

Saturday morning we woke up, enjoyed sunrise with some coffee and hit the road for a 40 minute drive to Kanab. In Kanab we used a local company, Roam Outdoor Adventure to ATV to some hard to get to spots in a 4×4 car because of deep sand. Our first stop was The Great Chamber. An incredible arch carved out of sandstone with a giant sand dune at the bottom. Our second stop was something out of another planet, the hoodoos! We felt like we were on Mars. After our ATV tour we decided to be a little bold and do a Via Ferrata guided tour. If you aren’t aware, Via Ferrata means “Iron Path” in Italian and it is exactly that. The climbing path is made of steel cables and iron rungs fixed to the rock of the canyon wall. Climbers wear a harness and secure themselves to the metal fixture to prevent any falls. The only rock climbing experience we had prior was Owen’s single time at an indoor climbing gym years ago and Lauren with zero experience at all. It was nerve wracking to be quite honest, but once we got to the top we felt so accomplished. However, what goes up, must come down. We rappelled down the 180 feet canyon wall. Yes, you heard that right! Overall, this was such a thrilling experience and we would do it again. 

On our way home we decided to hit the renowned Buckskin Gulch, the longest and deepest slot canyon in the southwest. This is very close to the border of Arizona, but is still in Utah. The trailhead can feel congested because after all this is a popular spot, but it is popular for a reason. Once we emerged through the slot canyons we didn’t have a lot of other people near us. Every now and then we would pass people or people would come from the other direction. It was truly surreal. It is honestly hard to sum up how incredible it was hiking through the slot canyons. 

For things to do in the area check out our blog post on Kanab and Buckskin Gulch. Interested in staying at Cane Beds Corral? Book here and mention us to get a discount!

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