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Where You Can Use The America The Beautiful Pass

Most people know the America The Beautiful Pass because of National Parks. This pass gets you into every National Park and is $80 for one year. If you purchase a pass in May of 2023 then you would be able to use it until May of 2024. One pass covers the vehicle at sites thatContinue reading “Where You Can Use The America The Beautiful Pass”

Summer Guide To Pinetop-Lakeside

Pinetop-Lakeside sits about 7,000 feet above sea level and is an incredible escape from the summer heat in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. We’ve done several weekend trips there and we always love coming back! One thing we love about the White Mountains area is the wide variety of things to do. You canContinue reading “Summer Guide To Pinetop-Lakeside”

5 Easy Sedona Hikes

We get asked all the time about Sedona hikes! Specific questions usually ask about family friendly hikes or where to avoid crowds. We want to start this blog out by saying we don’t have children and it’s hard for us to recommend kid friendly hikes. Everyone is different and what some may find easy othersContinue reading “5 Easy Sedona Hikes”

Is Petrified Forest National Park Worth The Visit?

100% YES! The geology of Petrified Forest National Park and its window into prehistoric earth is mind blowing. The park straddles the high plains and painted desert of Arizona. Additionally, there is so much more to see in the surrounding area. Below we will get into a recap of a weekend trip we did toContinue reading “Is Petrified Forest National Park Worth The Visit?”

Three Day Itinerary Visiting Arizona

First time visiting Arizona or looking to experience Arizona’s beauty in quick stay? Below is what we would recommend if you want to get the most out of your visit and see different parts of the state. This itinerary is based on if you were to fly into Phoenix making your starting point the Phoenix-metroContinue reading “Three Day Itinerary Visiting Arizona”

Hiking Tips For Beginners: Be Prepared

Tips For Being Prepared Hiking is an “at your own risk” activity meaning the hiker assumes all risk and responsibility for themself on the trail. With that in mind, being prepared is the most important thing you can do to have a more enjoyable and safer hiking experience. It’s so important that it’s the No.Continue reading “Hiking Tips For Beginners: Be Prepared”

What To Do At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Page, Arizona Before we get into visiting Glen Canyon we want to remind you to practice the LEAVE NO TRACE principles. Please remember to stay on trail, pack out all trash, and explore prepared. Do not carve into rocks or canyon walls. It is illegal! There is so muchContinue reading “What To Do At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area”