About us

Boulder Canyon Overlook, January 2022

Hi guys! We started this account in April 2020 after Lauren lost her job due to COVID-19. At this time we just moved in together and we were about to celebrate our one year anniversary. It definitely was a tough time for us. Before I lost my job Owen and I were hiking a ton. Almost every weekend we were going somewhere new. Every time we would post on our personal accounts it didn’t feel like people cared about our journey or adventures so we decided to create a separate hiking account that show cased what we love to do. I am originally from Ohio, but Owen is from Scottsdale. I didn’t get into hiking until I moved here in October 2018 and ever since then it has become my passion. So with that passion for hiking and the outdoors we created this account. Whether our blog posts help you on your hiking journey or you like to read about hiking we are happy to be a resource for you.

We also care deeply about the environment and leaving no trace. I work in digital marketing. Therefore I work with social media platforms all day. I also have my Master’s in Media Research. Based on that and our personal opinions we have decided that for the most part we will use geo tags. We know some people don’t agree with that and don’t think people should share geo tags. We understand that point of view. However, we think there is a bigger problem than just geo tagging. People are uneducated on exploring the outdoors responsibly and we want to be a resource for those people. We also think not geo tagging your location is going to stop people from going to those places. By posting that photo people are going to want to know where it is and most likely will find where that place is. Let’s teach them how to take care of the trails and encourage people to get outside!

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