Our Stays

Whenever we go on a trip we try to plan it in a financially responsible way. That includes where we decide to stay. We just got into camping, but sometimes we decide to stay in Airbnb’s or Hotel’s. One of the things we look for in an Airbnb or Hotel is the price, location to where we want to explore, and safety. When we do short trips we don’t look for anything fancy, just a place to sleep, shower, and stay dry or warm! Sometimes camping isn’t always an option because of limited spots or the time of the year. We pride ourselves with authentic hikes, experiences, and on this page – our stays. The stays are ordered below starting with our most recent stay. We’ve also included what we considered our pros and cons of each place.



  • Private space, not shared. It is a guest house that is off of the main house.
  • Fantastic Location in West Sedona
  • Had all the essentials. Shower, microwave, coffee maker, toaster.
  • Comfortable bed & couch
  • Incredible tap water! This house has spring water and it is highly sought out in the state of Arizona. If you live in AZ than you know tap water here isn’t the best.


  • No oven if you wanted to cook. We normally don’t, but it is always a nice option to have. We love frozen pizzas!
  • Only has parking for one vehicle.
  • Check-in: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM only



  • Right in the center of historic downtown Tucson
  • A LOT of history within this hotel. The hotel is trying to keep the aroma from when it was built (100 years ago) so there are no T.Vs in the rooms
  • In walking distance to a ton of restaurants
  • There is a great restaurant inside of the hotel with a large outdoor patio called Cup Cafe that we ate breakfast at
  • Our room had a great view of the courtyard and the famous Hotel Congress sign (featured in the slideshow below)


  • If you don’t get a room with a courtyard view it can be noisy either because of the street or because there is a bar/club inside of the hotel
  • Small showers, but you don’t stay in this hotel for a luxury stay.
  • There is no parking at the hotel. It is either street parking or a garage across the street that is $6 a night

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