Lost Dutchman State Park


January 2, 2021

Location: 45 minutes from Central Phoenix

Parking: First car included in camping fee

Pets: Allowed in campgrounds and trails, but not the cabins

Fee: $30 per night for one vehicle

Restrooms: Yes


We camped at Lost Dutchman State Park for one night. This is only a 45 minute drive from Central Phoenix. The Superstition Mountains are arguably one of our favorite places to hike in Arizona. We arrived to our campground around 3:00 pm; the earliest you can check-in 2:00 pm. Once we arrived we set up our tent and then set off to hike! We decided to hike up to Praying Hands via Treasure Loop Trail. It is just a short walk from our campsite to the trail. There are multiple ways to get to the trails from the campgrounds. We recommend using the state park map to chart your route. Most popular is Siphon Draw which leads to Flatiron.

We ended up hiking back down into the sunset, which was absolutely incredible. When we got back to our campsite it was dark outside (good thing we always bring headlamps). We put on layers of clothes because once the sun went down it was FREEZING. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have a fire because of the air quality in Maricopa County was poor and there was a county wide fire ban in affect. The fire band ended at midnight.

We used our Coleman camping stove to cook shaved beef sandwiches on brioche buns with broccoli. One of our all time favorite meals we get at Trader Joes. Additionally, we made hot chocolate in an attempt to keep us warm. After we ate we decided to just get into our tent and drink some beer because it was so cold outside. We heard coyotes pretty early on. Lauren is starting to get used to it, but she is still very paranoid when she hears them while camping!

Luckily in the morning the fire ban was lifted and we made a fire in the permanent fire pit! We made coffee and cooked cinnamon rolls over the fire. It was our first time attempting to do this. The first few weren’t cooked all the way through, but by the last couple they turned out really well! We saw this on another blog post and that we would give it a try. We thought it turned out well. With the wood, the rolls had a smoky flavor – next time we will try charcoal. We also brought a cast-iron pan and may try with that next time. We’re really excited to explore new meal options and ways to cook.

We are fairly new car campers. This was Lauren’s third time camping. It is fair to say we don’t have everything we want/need to camp, but we make it work! We are working on slowly getting items because it is expensive to get everything at once.

The items we used on this trip include:

We have items we bought from Amazon linked to the list and the other items linked to where we got them from

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